the 18th and 19th stone: the minds one cat and one poet

Day 18

I took my own Internet blackout break in not posting to WordPress yesterday.
I could have joined their protest, but the banner version was a bit too easy to miss, while the full blackout version seemed more for U.S. citizens who could send mails to their local representatives.  So, I just didn’t post at all.

That means today, I have two small stones to write.

small attentions

a small device for measuring
hums an unfamiliar tune, my cat
stops in his kitty-paw path
along my desktop, eyes fixed
upon this curiosity. His gaze
is steady, but as I watch
his eyes move, a small motion
not  quiver but shiver,
a shimmer of movement
so swift, almost invisible,
his small attention a deep
and thorough meditation
before his body loses tension,
relaxes into his usual pose
of inward-facing cat.

Day 19  messy desk, messy mind

under the paper and pens
the notebooks and journals
post-it notes and crossed-out drafts
poems are waiting to be birthed
a marvelous mess of words and metaphor

Carol A. Stephen

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