31st and final stone: letting go

Carol A. Stephen

Well, my river journey for January has come to an end. I will be taking part in a different writing challenge for February. The Southeast Review offers a 30-day Adult Regimen for Writers.  I’ve done it a couple of times before, and it is also a challenge, but in a good way. Lots of good writing came out of it last time. So I am looking forward to it. Today’s stone came from two ideas: first, letting go at the end of a journey. Two, how something of us remains attached to objects and places. We may be able to let go of them, but do they let go of us?
Letting go

a house becomes attached to things.
to routines, beliefs. to people.
they all leave, in one way or another.
the house remains, adding another layer,
a patina of its own history, its own connections.
when a house creaks and sighs in winter
it is dreaming its past, memories sinking deep
into its bones.  When the time comes,
the house lets go, knowing its ghosts remain,
a blanket to keep its story warm.

Carol A. Stephen

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