Day 30 noticing a trick of memory

Day 30

A small tuxedo cat stops still
on his kitty-paw journey
over ice in my driveway,
a stranger, but just for a moment
I see my own tuxedo cat, larger than life,
found in a dusty synapse of brain.
I stop still, trying to catch the memory. it doesn’t hold.


Only one more day to go on this journey of stones. It has been fun to do and has made me write every day. I am hoping when I go back over the stones that I have the nuggets of poems to work with later. I think I do!  Carol

2 thoughts on “Day 30 noticing a trick of memory

  1. oh, only a month? you not going to push it for as many weeks as you can? I once got to 3.5 months daily. after this kind of well dries, it finds new aquifers.

  2. Ha, well we shall see. On Feb. 1 I start the 30 day challenge from SE Review. Every day they will send an email containing a RIFF word, a writing prompt, a reading-writing exercise, and a podcast. And often an article to read. $15.00 includes the change to submit a piece of writing created during the challenge, and a copy of the next issue. And then there is April…last year I did 3 separate Poem A Day challenges.

    I think in March I will take time off to work on my next project! Carol

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