Poems are up at The Light Ekphrastic for Issue 9

Carol A. Stephen

Today is a bit of a brag. I had mentioned my poem (well, poems, really) being accepted for the latest issue of The Light Ekphrastic.  Here is the link to the first page of the issue.  There are some wonderful artists taking part, so be sure to check them all out. http://thelightekphrastic.com/

My particular page is here, with my poems and the photographs of Marlayna Demond: http://thelightekphrastic.com/issues/february-2012-issue-9/stephen-demond-february-2012/

There is also a call for submissions to the May issue. Deadline is February 20th, so there isn’t much time. But it’s a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge!  Check out the submission guidelines here: http://thelightekphrastic.com/submissions-2/


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