Outside the Zone this week

Carol A. Stephen

This week I submitted an article that I had not even thought about submitting till an hour before.  It’s a non-fiction piece about my illness and surgery three years ago, and the fears that  I am now fighting that resulted from that experience.

This took me out of my comfort zone both as a writer who needs to get past a fear of rejection, and by revealing something very personal.
Now I am just waiting to hear if it’s accepted! 
Oh, yes,and I also sent in five of my small stones for potential inclusion in the next River anthology.

6 thoughts on “Outside the Zone this week

  1. Hey Carol – you and I are fellow commenters on Lynne Speen’s site. I, too, have a fear of queries/rejections/the whole bit, but pushing myself and saying, ‘what the hell, that didn’t hurt’. Good luck with your submissions. :)

  2. Hi Carol! Submitting your story is HUGE! Bravo for you! I’ll bet it’s way out of your comfort zone and yet — Ha.. the world didn’t end! I am so happy for you! Can you hear my hands clapping and my feet stamping?

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