Day 7 NaPoWriMo Layers of Saturation

Carol A. Stephen

Today the prompt is to write a poem where everything is a particular colour or that colour predominates. Hope this is not too prosaic…


Layers of Saturation

The days close windows, shutter
sky in purple cloud, sending the sun
somewhere south and west.

When moon rises, she’s wrapped herself
in the purple midnight we call black,
yet purple even so.

Light from white stars filters
the line of purple through layers of night,
layers of amaranth, their haloes shimmer violet

rain descending, sending a mist
of red-blue tears. At sunrise,
beneath the trees, purple crocuses.

Closeup of crocuses in early afternoon light.

crocuses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carol A. Stephen
April 7, 2012

1 thought on “Day 7 NaPoWriMo Layers of Saturation

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