Day 8 NaPoWriMo Easter Sunday Walk




Carol A. Stephen


Today’s prompt is to walk with a notebook, observing, and then to sit and write.  Here in Eastern Ontario, the day is bright and blue with the promise of 14 degrees Celsius later on. Spring doesn’t arrive as early as it does in Toronto, which is one of the things I truly miss about my hometown. Nevertheless, it does arrive, unexpectedly showing itself in corners of gardens. My poem tries to capture this a little. Just as a note, Carleton Place, not far from Ottawa, is on the banks of the Mississippi River. (No, not the mighty one, but a pretty river just the same!)

Carleton Place on the Mississippi




Walking Along the Other Mississippi 

Easter Sunday, Lanark County, Eastern Ontario

Sun rises early now, the morning bright
blue outlining maple branches,
bare but promising buds.
Birds gather round feeders, songs
sounding Easter morning hymns of praise

for spring arriving, chasing away the last
of winter’s white. Lilac offers green hints
of purple blossoms, coming attractions.

Along Lake Avenue, a surprise of daffodils,
full-bloomed where micro-climate pockets
already welcome warming air.
Forsythia flaunts yellow, green leaves of tulips tease,
early scarlet flutes not ready for their close-ups.

On the back steps, squirrels have found the nuts
their own Easter hunt successful. Lanark County
celebrates spring’s arrival, nature’s own flourish
grander than any man-made Easter parade.

Carol A. Stephen
April 8, 2012










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