April 5th Poem for the WD PAD Challenge prompt

napo2013button2Over on the Writer’s Digest site today’s prompt is to write a plus poem. Took a little while to figure out an angle for this, but here’s my first draft of a plus poem:

We Live in a Plus World

This is a plus world, supersize, maximize,
for just dollars plus get the combo.

Google +, and if you google plus,
the onslaught of more-thans gives you six

billion plus hits in less than
point two zero seconds.

There’s Med Plus and Pet Plus,
there’s a plus for mature adults.

Plus a Canadian government language plus
for terminology and linguistics, even Wiley Plus

which might be a surfeit of coyotes
chasing a plus-itude of roadrunners.

They never say plus what’s the plus,
it’s mostly minus that fine detail.

One thing you know: you could spend
hours plus trying to track it down.

And for the NaPoWriMo prompt to write a cinquain, there is this one:

Spring, Teasing

out my window
sun in a warm blue sky
the bite of wind hides behind glass

Carol A. Stephen
April 5, 2013

Carol A. Stephen
April 5, 2013

7 thoughts on “April 5th Poem for the WD PAD Challenge prompt

    • Thanks! The cinquain was tough! I tend to be lazy about counting stresses. Hard to have so few syllables to work with as well.
      But it was so small and lonely by itself, so I decided to tack it on at the end of the Plus poem. Thanks for commenting!

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