Poem for April 6


April 6th PAD Challenge was to write a “post” poem. I combined that with a group of words I assembled using a Wordle to inspire this one.

To Bury Shame

He digs a post hole, pours concrete
and dark words along fence line
opposite the garden wall. To bury
shame is the thing, his bitter sin, hard
and old, fear burning his nostrils.

The sound of something black rolling
through the front door, the dog-song
out in the desert. His ears strain to their howl,
one hand to his face, nothing seen, no answer.
His mouth, open in silence. The weight of sky
a pressure on his heart.

Carol A. Stephen
April 6, 2013

Canis latrans Français : Un coyote en Arizona

Canis latrans coyote (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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