Small Stone for Jan. 25, 2014

badge-14-300x300For Jan. 25, A Year with Rilke shares “The Beauty of You”, a 6-line piece from The Book of Hours II, 34.







My inspiration is the first line of the poem, although I move away from my sense of Rilke’s meaning to go with what this made me think about. The beauty that came to mind was that of words and poetry.

Jan. 25, 2014

“In deep nights, I dig for you like treasure.” From the Book of Hours II, 34 –Rilke

Which words will come
unbidden in effortless flow
when time is right?

English: Two owls among the palm trees.

English: Two owls among the palm trees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What will struggle for birth
beneath wings of night birds
fledglings trying to fly…

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