Small Stone for Jan. 26, 2014

badge-14-300x300For Jan. 26, A Year with Rilke shares an excerpt from Letter to Lou Andreas-Salomé, Jan. 13, 1923.

Lou Andreas-Salomé

The selection, which I found on the Floating Library blog, is titled, The Great God Sleep. AYEARWRILKE This struck a chord, because lately I’ve foudn difficulty getting up in the mornings. Since I usually assume it has to do with the feelings of depression that winter seems to bring, I forget that there is another, more logical reason. I never like to “miss” anything.

Jan. 26, 2014

“That great god Sleep: I yield to him all greediness for time.”—That Great God Sleep, from A Year with Rilke.


English: Large black basalt figure of a nude, ...

Mornings, sleep clings to limbs,
eyelids firm-shut, refusing light,
mind still grasping the tail of dreams.

I search for reasons why I deny the day,
forgetting how late I stayed awake,
the futility of wanting to miss nothing.


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