Small stone for Jan. 30, 2014

badge-14-300x300And just one more day to go in this January challenge. It has been an interesting and challenging one for sure as I struggle at times with Rilke‘s work and its religious aspects.  Today’s poem is from New Poems, A Year with Rilke: AloneAYEARWRILKE

Jan. 30, 2014

..Of my heart I will make a tower
and stand on its very edge,
where nothing else exists— Rilke, New Poems, A Year with Rilke

Even now, I shelter where
I’m safe, where fear has always
held me far from the unknown.

My knees weaken at the edge

English: Precipice, Gad Cliff This vertical pr...
of real or imagined precipice,
‘til I pull back and turn away.

Every decade missed chances
never returning. Only the wonder,
Is this the last time to take the forward step?  


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3 thoughts on “Small stone for Jan. 30, 2014

  1. Carol: thanks so much for this exposure to Rilke. It has been a wonderful tour through his work. Our DC ModPo group, now called DC Poetica, will be discussing Rilke at our monthly meeting this Sunday. You have also inspired me to post some of Langston Hughes’ less anthologized poems throughout the month of February! Thanks!

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