Final January Small Stone–Jan. 31, 2014


The final January reading from A Year with Rilke is titled The One Who Is Coming,  which, once again I found on the blog, A Year with Rilke, from 2011. Thank you to Lorenzo and Ruth for their postings that gave me a way to share many of the readings with everyone who reads my small stones.

AYEARWRILKEMy stone for today was inspired partly by Rilke, but, especially for my ModPo friends, I also included a little bit of Emily Dickinson here.

Jan. 31, 2014

–Do you not see how all that is happening is ever again a new beginning?
from “The One Who Is Coming”, Letters to a Young Poet, Rome, Dec. 23, 1903 A Year with Rilke

English: The 24 hour tower clock face in Venice

Each day begins and all
is possibility, hours stretched
with hope and good intention.

Each blank page calls for its companions,
words of the poet, each rising above
the lesser words of yesterday.

Shall we not move forward then
with eagerness and passion—
for today, for life, for— THIS—?

24-hours-clock painted by Paolo Uccello in San...

Astronomical Clock (Astronomical Dial), Prague...

Astronomical Clock (Astronomical Dial), Prague, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Grufnik)

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