Small Stone for Jan. 22, 2015


Jan 22 2015

…dressing up is done whether in imminent danger in an oncoming battle or a sickness or injury at times of peace.” – Wooden Leg, Cheyenne Warrior and Tribal Judge 1858-1940


While death is something we seldom joke about, my thoughts are not so dark today, and I was struck by a rather fanciful notion of warding it off. I’ve riffed on the idea of an apple a day helping to keep us healthy.


It occurs to me to wonder:
if I take care never to dress up,
might I substitute pajamas for the apple apple fruit

that keeps the doctor safely in his place,
not needing to visit me? Would sloppy
unkempt appearance mean long life?

Or should I always greet the day
in my best dress, makeup carefully done
just in case it is time to leave? lipstick lips makeup

CAS Jan. 22, 2015

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