Small Stone for Jan. 23, 2015


Jan 23, 2015

“…a stroll through a winter forest.” Part of a longer quote from the sculptor, Frederick Remington (1861-1909)



winter landscape

Stark black bark foregrounds against
the flat white of snow as it clings
to branch and bush and each dead leaf

among the greens of spruce and pine,
above faint track of hare and brush wolf,
perhaps last evening’s stray coyote.

File:Dark-eyed Junco-27527.jpg Mornings, early, there will be deer,
a few dark-eyed juncos, but no bear here,
nor moose. Each creature scavenging,

but the frozen ground yields nothing,
so they don’t stay long. Only the birds
find the feeder, too cold now even for squirrels.

CAS Jan 23, 2015


winter forest nature

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