Small Stone for Jan. 29, 2015


Jan 29

“All things in the world are two. In our minds we are two, good and evil…” –Letakots-Lesa (Gray Eagle Chief) Pawnee, 19th century

The quote later goes on to say: “the right hand that strikes and makes for evil… the left hand full of kindness near the heart.”

I must say, as a left-hander, it is wonderful to find a view that does not see the left hand as evil or somehow deficient.


Is this trait genetic or an accident of birth,
an odd traverse through birth canal,
a last-minute bias of brain?

There are more of us now amid great speculation
of why and wherefore, some suggestion
the more violent the society the greater its need

We’re not gauche, not sinister, just hampered by
proliferation of tools that make us seem awkward, uncoordinated.
But consider our ability for music, for mathematics, for language…

CAS Jan. 29 2015

Below are links to lists of musicians and U.S. presidents and lefthandedness


2 thoughts on “Small Stone for Jan. 29, 2015

  1. Wow, I would go a whole different way about the duality of human nature, Carol. But I’m married to a lefty, so I know why you chose a different path here. Good for you!

  2. Barbara, it surprised me too, to read this interpretation of left hand vs right hand. I was also surprised because I didn’t remember that it can be caused by position during birth. And I know that is a possibility for me. I did not know that violent societies tend to see a rise in the number, but it perhaps makes sense. Armies trained to face right-handed adversaries, but were less skilled when dealing with left-handers. Of course, it might be awkward for lefties, as left handed combat would mean a vulnerable heart (shield placement)

    But I have heard many times that only lefties are in their right minds… just sayin’…

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