Small Stone for Jan. 28 2015



Jan 28




Awake before dawn when morning
looks no different than night
In winter no birds sing to the coming sun


highdefinition picture of the winter landscape 6

But it is late January, the sky lightens earlier
turns from colours of midnight to a bright cold blue
If there were no snow on the rooftops


it would resemble spring, but the breath
remains chill, a hint of snow to come, weeks yet
before the tulips push through dark soil.


CAS Jan 28, 2015


winter beautiful snow




2 thoughts on “Small Stone for Jan. 28 2015

  1. oh, this is a good one, Carol. I love your description of the colors of the sky and the quality of the life. It does feel different this time of year, even if we still face weeks of snow and cold.

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