NaPoWriMo April 3 2018 Two Sylvias Press Challenge

Today’s Two Sylvias Prompt calls for various things to appear in the poem including a well known college, an old typewriter, a vintage album. And a few more items. Here’s my attempt.


April 3. In a few days, I’ll be seventy-one.


Still a poet in a small Ontario town.
I remember my first poem written
on a green Olivetti, circa 1960,
(the same kind Leonard Cohen used)
long before typing lessons on an IBM Selectric
with its blank keys and cranky hum.

The Olivetti travelled with me when
I went to U of T, sat centred on my desk
near the radio, blaring tunes from
Rubber Soul, or R&B from Otis Redding.

As I studied I fingered a half-heart on
a chain around my neck, the other half
kept by my steady guy.
As each memory flickers past,

I glance outside, eyes light on the second
spring robin, perched on a speed limit sign across
the street, 40 km limit. No-one pays attention
to the bird or the sign.

A man down the street wields a claw
hammer, forces a For Sale sign
into the still-frozen ground.
A sure sign it must be spring.

Carol A Stephen April 3, 2018

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