NaPoWriMo April 3, 2018

Day 3 NaPoWriMo

“Today’s prompt (optional as always), is inspired by our interview with Peter Davis. As he indicates there, his latest book is rooted in endlessly writing ideas for band names. Today, we challenge you to try this out yourself by writing a list poem in which all the items are made-up names. If band names don’t inspire, how about a list of titles for romantic novels? Or new television cop dramas? They can be as over-the-top as you like, because that’s (at least) half the fun. Happy writing!”


Playbill for a Rock Concert public domain

Starring: Five Pound Hammer 
and the Rusty Nails

and their very special guests:


Taletellers Out of School
Ahab & the White Wailers
Cinch Bug & the Mealyworms
Three-Toed Cats
Mexican Border Wall
The Five-Fingered Screamin’ Memes
Jabberwock & the Slithy Toves
Quick Start & the Neverendings
Weepy Guitars
Jeremiah & the Bullfrog Trio
Casey & the Seven Bats
The Raving Mad Presidents
Sleepy Eugene & the Narcoleptics
Ringaround & the Five Rosies

and introducing

Tiptoe & his Bloomin’ Tulips


Carol A. Stephen April 3 2018

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