The LCP Ottawa area Associate Members’ Meeting April 7, 2018

It’s National Poetry Month, and we had an opportunity to get together to talk about poets’ favourite thing: poetry!

We were a small group, local poets Sylvia Adams, Susan Atkinson, Sasha Saint-Aubin, Lesley Strutt, League Rep. (who keeps us informed about goings-on for Associates), JC Sulzenko, and me.

It was great to get together at Oh So Good! (and it is!) with its wonderful, indulgent cakes, coffee, and sandwiches. I held out for the carrot cake, and I think it was the best I’ve ever had. The cafe is in Westboro Village, Richmond Road in Ottawa. Lots of great shops in that area to browse before or after cake and camaraderie.

We each discussed what projects we had, what we are doing these days, and there was a great conversation about the issues and bonuses of the publishing process. Lesley passed along details on resources to help us all get the information out there about our publications.

It was a very pleasant and informative two hours.

Carol A. Stephen


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