NaPoWriMo 2018 April 9, 2018

I am a few days behind, but here is Day 9. I will be going back to earlier prompts later to catch up!


Day Nine On April 9, 2018 from NaPoWriMo

And now, without further ado, our (optional) prompt for the day. In his interview, Smith mentions “ants roll{ing} epic” – a rather charming image! In honor of it, we challenge you today to write a poem in which something big and something small come together. Happy writing!


How Do You Save a Migaloo?


Something big and something small
something that’s not here at all—

Is it big gerfuffalumps,
a toobedoo, or two?
Perhaps a herd of buffalo
chasing a small migaloo?

Oh, you must tell me what to do!
Should I save the migaloo?
Tiny creatures, tiny eyes,
not a single tail but two!

Shall I climb up on the back
of the giant gerfuffalump,
harness a team of toobedoos?

I never can decide!
Should I sled—
or should I ride?

A gerfuffalump might step on her
and no one trusts a toobedoo,
the buffalo are nearly there
time to get out of my chair

I raise my stick, I scare them off.
I wrap poor migaloo in a cloth,
take her home and feed her sweets,
sugar cakes and salty treats.

In her own sweet migaloo way
she smiles at me.
It makes my day.

Carol A. Stephen

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