NaPoWriMo 2018 Two Sylvias Press DAY 6

Have not been able to do the prompts every day, so in the spirit of catch-up, for Two Sylvias prompts:

Day 6 was to build something in the sky or on another planet

The View from Here

nothing but sky: to the left, to the right,
and sky in between. Unending
palette of deep blue.

There should be poems, longhand, written
in cursive across the horizon, each line rising
upward like the scroll of words in Star Wars.

Every day a new selection. Every day
a poem by Robert Bly. Each poem would scatter
seeds down, and from the seedlings, flowers.

Each petal inscribed with lines of verse.
Today I read from a dark purple tulip,
tomorrow, a  periwinkle campanula blossom.

Between the flowers, pink granite rocks,
cut from an outcrop of Canadian Shield.
Wet and sparkling under a different sun.


Carol A. Stephen
April 6, 2018


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