NaPoWriMo 2018 Two Sylvias Press April 13, 2018

This prompt was to write a 4 stanza poem, each beginning with the phrase “Each day I choose”, which can be removed or not during revision. Here is my quick attempt:


Each day I choose

to mute the alarm, to snooze
five minutes more and then another
five, before I sit up and frown.
Another day I’ve slept too long.

to ignore the white page staring
back accusing me from the one-eyed
screen, the empty space where words
of poems were always meant to be.

Each day I choose procrastination
and delay, plan to write another day, and yet
each day is the same as the one before.
I rise intent and then ignore.

I tell myself I’ll do better tomorrow.
But tomorrow is just another version of today.

public doman per wikimedia

Carol A. Stephen
April 13, 2018

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