NaPoWriMo 2018 Two Sylvias Press April 14, 2018

This prompt asks for a poem where all lines begin with a country’s name. I admit this is not my favourite prompt nor poem:






Canada dresses in PJ bottoms to trek to the drive-thru at Timmy’s,
Canada orders a double-double dark roast, and a doughnut.
Canada gives me long stretches of grey pavement to drive beside
Canada’s old-growth forests burnt black and leafless in swampy ground.
Canada’s namesake goose lays down goose poop to carpet the riverbank.
Canada is not all igloos and snow.
Canada has a penchant for maple syrup, for some of us there’s poutine.
Canada has thousands of lakes, and thousands of miles of wilderness.
Canada shivers in winter, swelters in summer, bathes in brilliant
Canadian fall colours: red maples and orange, yellow birches which
Canada counterpoints with its deep emerald evergreens
Canada in spring blooms forth from the snow in crocuses and forsythia
Canada blossoms with apples, pears and peaches for pies.
Canada has science, medicine, astronauts, poets, and musicians.
Canada has it good because
Canada has Drake, Shawn Mendez, Ryan Gosling and Captain Kirk, AND
Canada has no Donald Trump.

Carol A. Stephen
April 14, 2018


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