Small stone for Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013

jan13badgesmallFor 48 hours I have to wear a holter monitor; a heart test to see if anything is going on. That’s on my mind, and so it resulted in today’s small stone, Wired.


a device measures
every heartbeat, my pulse rate
the pressure of the blood passing
from artery to heart to lungs
each whoosh and sigh
electrodes adhere by strong glue
and tape that itches and itches,
this constant itch reminds me
I’m still here to see the sun.

cs Jan. 22, 2013

Small stone for Monday Jan. 21, 2013



Boneshaker of a day

Monday sun rises in a sky
pale blue with the chill
of minus 21 C. Even inside
my bones vibrate.

cs Jan. 21, 2013



Breathing Exercise

some days breath

comes shallow and quick,

short, sharp hiss of inhale

no time to savour the sweet

scent of snow, fresh January air

cs Jan. 14 2013


days pass in a flurry of hurry

one thing after another. I tell myself

I cannot do this, I need to slow down

find time for the very small.

cs Jan. 15, 2013

Cruise Control

each small stone a pebble of

mindfulness, a minute not spent

on the auto-pilot path of day-to-day.

when I don’t find the time, I’m

not being kind to my mind.

cs Jan. 16, 2013

Why Can’t I Slow Down?

some days I think I lack the gene

for mindfulness, the ability

to keep life simple, to walk

to the beat of life, instead of rushing

down the busy highway, intent

accelerating headlong toward chaos.

cs Jan. 17, 2013

Leaning Tower

If I move one thing on the desk

it will all tumble to the floor, this heap

of paper, documents of distress and worry

just another task I have no time for

cs Jan. 18, 2013


 When I can’t reach the top shelf, or

bend to peer beneath another for

the soft pink ball my cat bats too far

when I huff and puff along, wheezing

like an old and rusty steam engine,

when the freckles on my face begin

to merge together, blending edges,

I look up at the clock, the steady tock

towards midnight, another night, another day,

each tick marking the passing years,

just like clockwork.

cs Jan. 19, 2013


 Quiet days to start a new week,

a peek at what’s coming up in town

a look back at the week just ended.

The grind of things that must be done

not yet begun. Giving them voice in

their own small stones passes the burden.

Let them sit, granite-faced and cold.

Stones have nothing else to do but wait.

Let them do the worrying.

cs  Jan. 20, 2013

Small Stones for Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Mindful Writing Challenge 2013:  Sometimes, things get in the way of writing, and I have to play catch up. Meetings all day Friday, and a less than perfect Saturday…. well… better late than not at all.


January Thaw

both sky and snow
shrink and melt today
rain drives away blue,
it conjures brown
gone the pristine white
of last week’s storm

Jan. 11 2013


Above zero Celsius
prelude to Winterlude
Perhaps the winter fair will
change its name to Waterlude
again this year?

Jan. 12 2013


some days don’t spark
an early rise, a rush to work
a flurry of words or
washing dishes.
Some days I hibernate, snug,
warm, a good book beside me
each time I break my long snooze.

Jan. 13, 2013