A Nonpareil of Tarts (poem for April 20)

napo2013button2Day 20 Here is the NaPoWriMo prompt from Day 20. (As always, the prompt is optional). “Today I challenge you to write a poem that uses at least five of the following words:”

owl      generator    abscond    upwind    squander    clove
miraculous    dunderhead    cyclops    willowy    mercurial
seaweed    gutter    non-pareil    artillery    salt    curl    ego
rodomontade    elusive    twice    ghost    cheese    cowbird
truffle    svelte    quahog    bilious

Happy writing!


Clove (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I managed to use 14 of the words, I think, in this poem. It was the word clove that inspired me to write about a bakery.

A Nonpareil of Tarts

I wandered aimless,
upwind of the bakery this morning, startled
as the door swung open sending the scent
of pies hot from the oven wafting on the breeze.
A squander of clove and cinnamon, fresh apples!
In the window, a nonpareil of tarts, muffins,
and miraculous cakes, each topped with a curl
of fine chocolate.

I passed by twice,
trying to imagine the tastes, elusive in memory, each but a ghost
upon the tongue. I tossed intention in the gutter, turned in defiant
scorn  at an ego demanding a svelte body when just steps away
the prize of salty cheese bread, chocolate torte, cranberry tart,
and yes, that apple pie!

Carol A. Stephen

English: A Blueberry tart

English: A Blueberry tart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

April 20, 2013

Appple pie

Appple pie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)